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The word Ubuntu come from a Zulu phrase "Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu", which literally means that a person is a person through other people.


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Desmond and Mpho Tutu are the people who taught me about Ubuntu

Simon's question to you:

How willing are you to be seen?

The more authenticity & congruence you can share the more clearly others can see the depth of their own humanity in you.  

How willing are you to be seen? Not just for the shiny bits, but for all of who you are.

A Sufi exercise for you to try: Gazing Meditation

This is a beautiful and intense exercise:  Sit opposite a partner for a period of time (somewhere upwards of 5 minutes) and just notice them - really notice who they are.  I recommend that you click on the video to the right and let the words of this song be your guided meditation.  Stop when the music stops. 

Here's an extract from an article written by Chad Forman (he's an Australia meditation teacher I found online) on the topic of Gazing meditation. 

"Rumi spoke very highly of the practice of gazing at the beloved. In his case, he practiced it as sitting down across from his master, with both looking into each other’s eyes, holding each other’s gaze, and surrendering to the transformation that happens. The essential aspect of the practice is communion (sohbet)—to become one with the master and see with his light.

This is a type of “Bond of Love” meditation, as discussed in the previous section. For a detailed exploration of this practice, see the book The Spiritual Practices of Rumi.

Another Sufi gazing practice, little known and rarely discussed, is mirror gazing. The aspirant sits in front of a mirror in a room with dim light, and gazes at the spot in between his eyebrows."

Embodying Ubuntu

Our darkness touches others: doing our emotional homework

Music: turn it up super loud!

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Here's the description from the album notes on this song:

Samadhi Sitaram

Hare Ram. My Soul calling my Soul. Come look in the mirror…What do you see? Who is there? Who smiles out to you from the darkness? Whose arms open in love and draw you in? Quick! Find a cloth and clean that mirror so you can see more clearly. Ram Ram. Wipe that mirror clean so you can see the face shining there. Ram Ram. Wait! The mirror is a lake that has no ripples on the surface. That’s why you thought it was solid. Jump in! Dive in! Fall in! Take off your clothes of separateness and swim in that lake. Feel your body flowing with the water. Dissolve and lose yourself. What is the water? What is ‘me’? Who cares! Ram Ram!

‘Hare’ means sustainer and protector of life. Sita and Rama, are the queen and king of the universe, the earth and the sky, the individual reflection of the One and the One itself, the dual aspects of our one Spirit.

Hare Raama Raama Raama Seetaaraama Raama Raama
Raama Raama Seetaaraama, Raama Raama Seetaaraama
Seetaaraama Seetaaraama Raama Raama Seetaaraama

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