Leading worship for Suquamish UCC on zoom

Suquamish United Church of Christ, 18732 Division Ave NE, Suquamish

I'm delighted to be joining Suquamish UCC church as their temporary bridge pastor. This virtual gathering happens on zoom; all are most welcome. 10am Pacific time zone every Sunday until they get a permanent pastor. Details can be found here https://suquamishucc.org Join on zoom = https://us02web.zoom.us/j/8711889085 Watch on FB = https://www.facebook.com/suquamishucc

Zoom Workshop: Queer eye for Godde

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Abbey of the Arts

Cost & Registration details are here: https://abbeyofthearts.com/calendar/queer-eye-for-godde/

When we don't fit the boundaries of the map that's been given to us, we have to find our own way forward. When we don't hear ourselves reflected in the language of the culture we inherit, we have to tell our own stories. Painful as this search for authenticity can be, it can also be a path that's rich with wisdom, creativity, and healing. And as we learn to find our own internal compass, we become more free to shine our unique divine light in the world.

Many queer people of faith know in our bones that the story of Godde we've inherited is simply not big enough to hold all the truth, beauty, and pain of this world. We know that Godde is in us, as we are in Godde, and an expansive, diverse vision of Godde belongs to all of us.

As a transgender interfaith minister, Rev Simon Ruth de Voil has spent his life learning to stand in his loving, embracing, and wildly unconventional vision of Godde. He encourages everyone—regardless of identity or sexual orientation—to seek out their own authentic and individual relationship with the Godde that speaks in their heart.

This afternoon workshop will combine short lectures with music, storytelling, and practices to help listen our way toward the unique voice of Godde in each of us. All are welcome, no matter what your gender or sexual orientation. We all have wisdom to learn here.

Workshop: Weaving the Wisdom of the Celts

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One Spirit Learning Alliance

Invoke the ancient and mysterious Scottish Isle of Iona and share in the wisdom of Celtic Spirituality, past and present, through the beauty of storytelling, song, art, history and myth.

Travel through such wisdom as ancient nature, pre-Christian paganism and Celtic Christianity with Rev. Denise Crawn & Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil.

For registration & detailed information on this online event visit https://www.1spirit.org/live-workshops/celts