I am a community supported musician - you guys help me every step of the way.

Patreon: a web based monthly way of supporting Simon

Patreon is the place online where I share what is most important to me.  It's is a wonderful invention for small time musical ministers like myself.  It gives me the opportunity to share podcasts, videos and share livestream concerts and worship events with my subscribers.   

If you are a fan of my work and want to be part of my online ministry please check out my patreon page because it's where I invest my time and care.  

8 ways you can help Simon

There are many ways you can support me, some of which don't involve money.  Here are just a few:

  1. Monthly subscribe to my Patreon page. This income helps me carve out time to write new music.  
  2. Buy my music.
  3. Recommend my music to your friends.
  4. Invite me to play at your church.
  5. Hire me to play music for funerals, wedding ceremonies (please no wedding reception requests!) etc.
  6. Host a house concert for me.
  7. Check out my youtube channel and share videos with your friends.
  8. Port Townsend and Seattle people - please follow me on facebook and spread the word about my gigs & events. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. ”

— Simon de Voil

If you would like to make a goodwill donation to support my work, you can use the 'Donate' button below.

Musical ventures that are in the works that will need song sponsors!