Sermon: Has Covid changed us? 

There's no going back to the world as it was. Before covid. Before the public unveiling of white supremacy and racial injustice. Before climate catastrophe. But can the lessons we've learned and shifts we've created help us respond to our…

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Meditation on the greening force of life 

This Saint Hildegard von Bingen inspired meditation was sharing with OneSpirit Learning Alliance (the interfaith seminary that I myself attended) for midsummer in 2021.

Winter Solstice concert 

This concert with Alexa Sunshine Rose & Aimee Ringle was live-streamed on Dec 21st 2020.

Advent sermon on Joy 

This recording was taken from zoom worship with Suquamish United Church of Christ on Dec 13th 2020.

Sermon for transgender day of remembrance 

Recorded as part of Suquamish UCC worship on Nov 22nd 2020.  My friend Eve Palay joins me for the tail of the this recording.

Image = Pride Mary by Søren Mason Temple