This resource page shares a few of my livestream events & Patreon posts; you'll find things like sermons, reflections on my spiritual practice, and recent musical events.  I update it every month to try and keep it current.  

This page is also here for people for whom Patreon is not a good fit - for example, you might not have the resources to support me on Patreon, or you could be someone who never pays for anything online with a debit card (like my Mum and Dad)!

Uploaded 22nd January 2020

Uploaded 17th January 2020

This beautiful chant, In my heart is the Road, is based on Psalm 84 was written by my friend Richard Bruxvoort Colligan.

Next Wednesday Richard  & I will be doing a joint Patreon Livestream at 11am.  We will talk about the psalms, our work as sacred musicians, sing a few songs as well as answering any questions you all have for us.   Richard is very funny and a lovely human - please tune in if you can and support us with your presence because neither of us have done this before!

Wed 21st January, 11am PST 

In this video I make a Celtic cross from a piece of firewood (this came from a very lovely big maple tree here on the property where I live).  Carpentry is first and foremost a form of prayer for me and something I prefer to do in solitude.  I trained as a carpenter before becoming a minister, and now I've married these two professions as I use prayer and mindfulness to make sacred objects.    I often sing and chant as I'm working, and Richard's chant lends itself beautifully to this practice.  I tend not to talk too much about this aspect of my life because people often misunderstand and ask me to make kitchen cabinets and other utilitarian objects rather than realizing this work is more about my connection and love of trees.  In this video, you'll see each step as I create a prayer in the form of a Celtic cross for Richard .... and one extra.   The second Celtic cross, which is currently sitting on my window sill,  is for one of my lovely Patreon patron.  If you are not a Patreon patron sign up before the 31st January and you could win the Celtic Cross.

Uploaded 8th January 2020 - A blessing for my friend Warren RIP

Art by Alexa Sunshine Rose

Art by Alexa Sunshine Rose

Christ with me, Christ before me 
Christ behind me, Christ in me 
Christ beneath me, Christ above me 
Christ on my right, Christ on my left 
Christ when I lie down, Christ when I arise 
Christ when I rest, Christ to shield me

Love with me, Love before me  
Love behind me, Love in me 
Love beneath me, Love above me  
Love on my right, Love on my left  
Love when I lie down, Love when I arise 
Love when I rest, Love to shield me

Love in the heart of everyone who thinks of me 
Love in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me.

(words are from the deer's cry -  Tune is circle me Lord by Andy Moss)