Request for Song Champions to help me record my next Album

I need financial support to help offset the recording cost of my next album Canticle of Creation - but also I'm asking for spiritual collaboration from my Song Champions.


Why do this?

"All of us that have experienced Simon's music, feel the enlivening ripple effect it has in our lives and communities. I see this music as a critical part of the social healing and peace making needed right now. It is a gladness to be supporting Simon, his family and his creative process.
Being a song champion for Beautiful Boy is honoring the medicine of sharing stories about the moments in life that bring us to our knees, honoring the courage in how Simon shares these stories with grace and vulnerability, and honoring my own process to reconnect with loving-kindness to those moments in my life. It is my hope that this song will touch other's lives as Simon's music and friendship has touched mine.Kegan (Vermont 2017)

After thought from Simon:

I'd like you to know that birthing a song is a bit like birthing a being – it doesn't always happen without intervention from a midwife/doula/doctor. This song, Beautiful Boy, would not have made it without Kegan's help. I found it extremely diffcult to hold the prayer energy steady and grounded in a way that would translate into a polished recording. I think Kegan knew this right from the start which is why he championed Beautiful Boy;  he did this to ensure it would be shared with the world ....

.... and shared with the world is has become in a way far bigger than I would ever have imagined.  Beautiful boy is one of the songs that people play over and over on both Spotify and Youtube and it has gone out far reaching a very different audience than my usual Deep Peace listeners.  Here's an example of how this song found it's way to someone in Russia who used it to express him/herself on youtube - they didn't ask for permission but I don't care!  This song is about survival and being authentic and that message should be shared.  Thank you Kegan for being a Song Champion and helping me reach far with my music.



Here's what it means to be a Song Champion:

  1. Each Song Champion is asked to donate $250 to underwrite one particular song of their choice from the list below. 

  2. Song Champions are invited to participate in prayer during this time their song is being recorded and arranged.  This could take the form of sending your goodwill, prayers, or thoughts of support.

Rather than offering an exchange or reward for your generosity, I'm hoping that Song Champions will step forward because they deeply believe in the healing power of this music.



Songs that are seeking Champions

I am delighted to announce that all the songs I'm working on for my new album have song champions.  Well that's not strictly true because there still is one song but it has an exclusive caveat so I'm so sure this song will be championed from this side of the veil!

  •  The horse & Saint Columba     

Please only champion this song if you loved and knew Nancianna or companioned a beloved other as they made their death transition.



  • Canticle of Creation       Album Champion = Cindo in Canada
  • Canticle of Creation       Song Champion = Abbey of the Arts in Galway Ireland.  I was commissioned to set St Francis's prayer Canticleof the Sun to music by the lovely people at Abbey of the Arts.
  • Arch Angel Invocation       Song Champion = Susan in Port Townsend WA.
  • Saint Gobnait        Song Champion = Abbey of the Arts in Galway Ireland.  I was also commissioned by the lovely people at Abbey of the Arts to set a wonderful poem written by Christine Valters Paintner to music.
  • Wild Geese       Song Champion =  Cyndy in Port Townsend WA.   My friend Adhamh set Mary Oliver's poem Wild Geese to music and I feel in love with both the poem and this melody.
  • Beloved Brìghde        Song Champion =  Judith in QLD Australia.  This song draws inspiration from Christine Valters Paintner poem 'St Brigid and the fruit tree' and borrows an incredible Irish melody called 'Mna Na H-Eireann' (translates as 'women of Ireland') written by ‎Seán Ó Riada‎.  LISTEN HERE
  • Prayer of St Francis        Song Champion =  Brigitte in Winnipeg Canada.
  • The deer's Cry             Song Champion =  Mickey in Kitsap WA.
  • Ave Maria       LISTEN HERE for a shorter version of the song Song Champion =  Catherine in Nova Scotia
  • Circle me        Song Champion = Susan in Port Townsend WA.

Please contact me if you want to be a song champion.