I'm a Scottish sacred musician, interspiritual minister and singer songwriter now living in rural Vermont.  These songs & reflections are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 


October 7th 9pm Eastern Time - 
Online concert followed by a Q&A

October 7th 9pm Eastern Time - Online concert followed by a Q&A

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Most of the resources on my website (& live-stream channel) are offered for free. I choose this because I am delighted and humbled that people want to listen and I want to ensure that money does not become a barrier. Your donation will enable me to create more resources to share ... and is a big gift to me personally. Thank you so much.

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Spirit & Song

OneSpirit Learning Alliance

Join Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil in chant and sung prayer, or simply listen deeply into these musical prayers for peace and healing. The evening will also include time for personal reflection and shared prayer for healing and wholeness.

All are welcome to join this zoom event, hosted by OneSpirit interfaith and interspiritual seminary. Suggested donation $10, open to everyone.


Songswap with Spencer La Joye

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

Online event

Join Spencer and Simon for an hour as they share songs, stories, and love. The set list will be entirely organic as we take inspiration from one another’s music and storytelling. If you’re in the audience, it’ll feel kinda like eavesdropping on two songwriters hanging out around a campfire.

Following the song swap, both artists will be available for a Q & A. Free to Patreon supporters; sliding scale $0 - $25 for the public.


Taizé-Inspired Sacred Chant

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

On zoom

Join Rev Simon Ruth de Voil on the third Monday of the month via Zoom for this Taizé inspired service of contemplative chanting that honors the Christian & Jewish traditions.

Taizé is an ecumenical abbey in France with an emphasis on simplicity, reconciliation, and kindness. In the 1950s the prior commissioned a composer to set many of the core teachings into simple chants that the pilgrims and youth who flock to Taizé could participate in voicing. The result was the birth of a new form of monastic chanting that is beautiful, meditative, accessible, and sings to the heart of the Christian tradition.

Registration link: https://abbeyofthearts.com/calendar/taize-inspired-sacred-chant-oct22/

All events are Eastern Time (USA) unless otherwise specified