I'm a Scottish sacred musician, interspiritual minister and singer songwriter now living in rural Vermont.  These songs & reflections are my soul's way of making sense of the beauty, vulnerability and endless richness of this human life. It's a gift and a pleasure to share them with you. 

Upcoming Workshopt: January 30th

Link to the Wisdom of Celtic Workshop with Simon de Voil and Denise Crawn.

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Workshop: Weaving the Wisdom of the Celts

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One Spirit Learning Alliance

Invoke the ancient and mysterious Scottish Isle of Iona and share in the wisdom of Celtic Spirituality, past and present, through the beauty of storytelling, song, art, history and myth.

Travel through such wisdom as ancient nature, pre-Christian paganism and Celtic Christianity with Rev. Denise Crawn & Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil.

For registration & detailed information on this online event visit https://www.1spirit.org/live-workshops/celts