Workshop: Celtic Christianity in Modern America (Aug. 2023)

This  1 hour 45 mins zoom workshop was recorded as is available to purchase as a replay.

Workshop description: For a loosely woven spiritual tradition that took shape some 1400 years ago, Celtic Christianity has a surprising amount to teach about living a good life today.  Emerging from the clan and place-based cultures of Ireland, Britain, Wales, and Brittany, Celtic Christianity offers a very different ethos than the doctrine delivered by the imperial, patriarchal Roman Church. Some of the guiding principles we can draw from Celtic Christianity include:
Recognizing the living earth as the substance of Godde
Discovering Christ in the stranger’s guise (in creatures, creation, and fellow humans)
Learning to read the big book of Creation alongside the wee books of scripture
Awakening the soul through beauty and ritual
Cherishing the earth as an active spiritual practiceIn this experiential workshop, Simon will incorporate song, storytelling, and both ancient and modern prayer to share his living version and vision of Celtic Christianity.
Cost to access the replay recording is sliding scale $10-20.

Webinar series on The Psalms (January 2023)

Please note that this event is still available and you can purchase access to all the resources as well as the four presentations.

Known as תְּהִלִּים in Hebrew and Zabūr in Arabic, the Book of Psalms, a revered sacred text across Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, cherished for its deep wisdom, beautiful poetry, and broad exploration of the joys, sorrows, despairs, and longings at the heart of the human condition. Join SDI for this Interspiritually-minded and experiential webinar with guides Simon de Voil and David Wallace. We will be learning about and engaging with the Book of Psalms through teaching, music, writing, and contemplative listening, with opportunities for sharing and for spiritual companionship. All spiritual wayfarers from any spiritual orientation or tradition will find wisdom, song, and practice to nourish their souls.

Webinar series on Celtic Wisdom (July 2022)