Uploaded 25th March 2020

This resource page shares a few of my livestream events & Patreon posts; you'll find things like sermons, reflections on my spiritual practice, and recent musical events.  I update it every month to try and keep it current.  

This page is also here for people for whom Patreon is not a good fit - for example, you might not have the resources to support me on Patreon, or you could be someone who never pays for anything online with a debit card (like my Mum and Dad)!

Uploaded 25th March 2020

These recording are from Sunday the 8th of March 2020.  I'd like to let you know that this church's PA system failed and I had to shout my words like an old style preacher: this creates a rather harsher tone than I would have liked.  So please in your mind, imagine a gentler, more accepting tone as you listen to my words.

Uploaded 20th March 2020

Uploaded 12th March