Offering sermon & song with Washington UU Congregation VT

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

UU church, 2938 VT Route 110, Washington

This is an in-person event only as this rural summer-only church does not have wifi.

Sermon title: The Spiral Way The Celtic spiritual tradition is a spiral way, one that honors non-linear consciousness and intimately follows nature’s rhythms of rising and falling, fullness and emptiness. When we open ourselves to this way of being in relationship to time’s unfolding, we discover a profound wisdom that honors our own seasons of flowering and fruitfulness, as well as seasons of release, surrender, fallowness, stillness, and mystery. This talk will explore the holy days of the Wheel of the Year, and invite us to consider how we might use these touchpoints to live in a way that deeply honors both body and soul.