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Spirit & Song

OneSpirit Learning Alliance

Join Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil in chant and sung prayer, or simply listen deeply into these musical prayers for peace and healing. The evening will also include time for personal reflection and shared prayer for healing and wholeness.

All are welcome to join this zoom event, hosted by OneSpirit interfaith and interspiritual seminary. Suggested donation $10, open to everyone.

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This zoom worship event will be at 2.30 ET (or 11.30am Pacific) Zoom link

Title: To whom do we belong?

The world around us seems to become less stable day by day. The familiar structures that many of us grew up with — whether family, school, work, church, political systems, or ecological systems—seem to crumble faster than we can patch them together. In the face of all this change, we inevitably look for the places and the people that feel like home, like safety. The shadow side of that longing to belong can lead us to a place of angry, brutal tribalism, shunning and punishing those we don't understand or fully see. But at our best, that longing can instead pull us closer to a deep, intertwined humanity, where we recognize our true interdependence with one another and with the fabric of this living Earth.

Weaving Our Lives – Hands-on Celtic Wisdom for Spiritual Companions

 — (EDT, UTC-04) — (EDT, UTC-04)

Online webinar series

This is a four-part webinar series that I'm presenting for Spiritual Directors International - exploring Celtic wisdom as a framework in spiritual direction and companionship.

This series will explore tools for bringing embodiment and a felt experience of the vibrant, animate world to our companioning practice. To do this, we are invited— indeed at times required— to move beyond the comfortable and sedate container of one-to-one conversation.

Song and story are central to the way Rev. Simon Ruth de Voil explains everything, and this series will be enlivened by music, song, and joyful storytelling. Please join us as we explore Celtic wisdom and deepen in the calling of deep listening. Cost is $119 for people who are not members of SDI.
Scholarships are available to the public as well as members of SDI.