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This Church service is in person but I will be preaching and sharing music remotely via zoom; all are most welcome. 10am Pacific time zone. Details can be found here Join on zoom = Watch on FB =

Sermon Title: Mother of Sorrow, untied of knots

This Sunday, I'd like to share with you some song and story to illuminate two faces of the divine that have become central to my prayer life. Some of you may already know the image of Mary as Mother of Sorrows, the beloved mother who holds us in grief and pain. More recently, I've met the divine through Mary, Untier of Knots — the force that helps us break patterns that bind us, guides us through struggle, and frees us to walk toward our own divine strength.

Lament, song and doing death better

 —  —

Join Simon de Voil and Sine McKenna for this conversation and song sharing as they explore how the ancient tradition of keening and songs of lament are sorely needed in today's death rituals. Start time is Noon ET

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Meeting ID: 870 3292 9617. Passcode: Lament

This event is free but Sine will be taking donations for her Gaelic culture education fund

Workshop: Song and Silence. Sung Prayer as a Practice for Deep Listening

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Zoom event

Workshop cost is $40 - If you have limited means please enter the code 'Ticket$20' at checkout to receive a 50% discount. If you are BIPOC or one of my Patreon supporters I kindly ask you to also use the discount code.
Starts at 1pm Eastern Time Zone.

Description: Singing is an act of creation that invites us to listen with our whole selves. We often think of singing as expressive and outward focused—closer to speaking than listening. But the skilled musician is always listening, resting in the pause, the breath, and through that listening finds a hidden meaning inside the music. Chant and song come alive when you listen to what’s within the music—just as we can become enlivened, body and soul, through the practice of listening with song. In this participatory workshop, we’ll explore these ideas and use the song Canticle of Creation from St. Francis of Assisi to experiment with a practice of song and listening. Canticle is a hymn to creation, one that celebrates the natural world and our place within it. No training or experience required—we’ll simply experience singing and listening our way into the heart of the sacred.

Exploring Grief through Poetry, Prose, and Song

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This event is hosted by Abbey of the Arts.
Join Christine Valters Paintner, Claudia Love Mair & Simon de Voil for a communal gathering to honor our losses through words and song. We all carry grief with us for lost relationships, lost dreams, lost abilities, and the loved ones who are gone. In a culture that tries to get us to move on quickly and get back to work, it is a powerful act of resistance to stop and weep together. When we lift up grief as part of our human reality, we also lift up the tremendous love that is behind that grief, a love that endures even when who we loved is no longer in physical form.

More info & registration: Cost is Zero, $10 or $20.

Celtic music concert for refugee relief

Hosted on zoom



DONATIONS CAN BE MADE TO: Tickets can be purchased by a donation to the GoFundMe account above. A zoom link will then be sent to your email to access the concert with a reminder of the date and time.

6pm pacific - 9 pm eastern

Tickets are by donation

Iona & the book of Kells

Online event

Simon de Voil and Kenneth Steven, musician and writer respectively, share Iona as a centre stone in their lives, aesthetically and spiritually. Iona has been part of who they’ve become and what they believe, and in this time of sharing they will talk together about what the island meant to the early Celts, and what it means to them and to countless others now. Come and listen to their talk together; come and ask questions in a time of informal and honest exchange.

3pm ET or 8pm UK. Hosted by Abbey of the Art on Zoom. Cost will be sliding scale $0 to $20.