The following are a few of the musical settings of the Psalms that I sing in my prayer life.  Enjoy.

Oh and I should tell you that most of the psalm settings that I sing are interpretations by Christine Robinson - you can find them HERE.

Psalm 4

Psalm 8

Psalm 8 Interpretation by Christine Robinson
Many-Named One
beyond imagining--
When I contemplate the night sky,
the cosmos which all unfolded from a speck,
galaxies, stars, this beautiful earth
Who are we humans, that you attend to us?
mere mortals in our tiny corner, and you love us?
We are life come to knowing and feeling.
The whole world is in our hands.
plants and animals, oceans and ice caps, rain forests
atmosphere and ecosystem.
Touch our hearts, O God,
make us worthy of this trust
Help us care for life on this beautiful earth.

Psalm 19

Psalm 19 Musical setting by Jess Ray

Purify my heart,
May every word, every thought
Every motive, every intention
Be pleasing in your sight O God
For Your voice refreshes my soul,
Brings joy to my heart,
And light to my eyes
Your words more precious than gold,
Sweeter than honey,
Better than life