1. Acid Rain

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Acid Rain

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Cello by Rebecca Wright


The anger falls down on my skin like acid rain

You can go your way
and I will pack my own things
we’ll be on our best behaviour now
but don’t dare we say it’s ok
cause it’s not ok

I don’t cry so often
my truth’s more clearly spoken
sun shines in my heart every now and then
but don’t dare you say it’s ok
this is not ok

How come in my mind’s eye I see you trapped and lonely
locked up in a tower and I watch you lying there?
So I can’t say that it’s ok
cause I know you’re not ok

I will go my own way high up on this mountain
plant these seeds and maybe some forgiveness might grow
so maybe one day I can say
that it turned out ok
but the anger falls down on my skin like a gentle acid rain