1. Arctic Winter

From the recording The Boat Builder

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Arctic Winter

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Cello by Rebecca Wright.


It’s been a long long night
I’m waiting for the rising sun
my arctic winter
weathering the storms.
Wish you could hold my hand
I know you share the same fate too
but we’re poles apart now
and your winter ’s still to come.

At first I searched for you
the pull to be there by your side
but when the moon rose
could see I was alone.
And the sea froze cold
It’s made up of a billion tears
shed there by all of us
since the beginning of time.

When the first storm came
I thought that I would die right there
that there’d be nothing left
but a soul can’t freeze.
And when I opened my eyes
I saw the most beautiful lights
shining all around me
I knew I was lucky to be alive.

Wish I could take your tears
and wipe all of my pain away
but it’s our humanity
and it’s your Antarctic sun.
You know it’s been a long long night
still waiting for the coming dawn
been months of winter now
I’m waiting for the sun.