Workshop: Song and Silence. Sung Prayer as a Practice for Deep Listening

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Zoom event

Workshop cost is $40 - If you have limited means please enter the code 'Ticket$20' at checkout to receive a 50% discount. If you are BIPOC or one of my Patreon supporters I kindly ask you to also use the discount code.
Starts at 1pm Eastern Time Zone.

Description: Singing is an act of creation that invites us to listen with our whole selves. We often think of singing as expressive and outward focused—closer to speaking than listening. But the skilled musician is always listening, resting in the pause, the breath, and through that listening finds a hidden meaning inside the music. Chant and song come alive when you listen to what’s within the music—just as we can become enlivened, body and soul, through the practice of listening with song. In this participatory workshop, we’ll explore these ideas and use the song Canticle of Creation from St. Francis of Assisi to experiment with a practice of song and listening. Canticle is a hymn to creation, one that celebrates the natural world and our place within it. No training or experience required—we’ll simply experience singing and listening our way into the heart of the sacred.